Garage Sale Diaries

From Bargains to the Bizarre

Garage Sale Diaries is an original, unscripted lifestyle web series that trails two best buddies, Kelly & Renee, as they rummage through your neighbours trash, treasure and trophies in search of that unbeatable deal. 

Press, Press and more Press

Kelly, our host and PR guru has been busy! On the back of our official selection in the Vancouver Webfest 2016, we have been lucky to be featured in a number of local print and online press outlets. Here are the articles.

Vancouver Courier - February 25, 2016

Getting an article in Vancouver's largest community newspaper was a great way to start our press blitz. You can read it here.

The Lynda Steele Show, CKNW AM980 - March 18, 2016

Now this is pretty cool. The girls got to share their tips on the popular Lynda Steele afternoon talk show on Vancouver's talk leader - CKNW AM980. 

North Shore News - March 9, 2016

The North Shore News is our local source for community news coverage, including entertainment. It was recently voted Canada's #1 community newspaper, and with articles about Kelly & Renee, we know why!

Check out the article here.

Vancouver Magazine - April 7, 2016

Scoring in the lifestyle focused Vancouver Magazine was a coup, but then again garage saling is a lifestyle, so why not. Here's the article.

Vancouver Metro - April 11, 2016

On transit? Do you read the Metro? Then you would have read about Kelly & Renee antics and awesome deals right here.

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