Garage Sale Diaries

From Bargains to the Bizarre

Garage Sale Diaries is an original, unscripted lifestyle web series that trails two best buddies, Kelly & Renee, as they rummage through your neighbours trash, treasure and trophies in search of that unbeatable deal. 

About Garage Sale Diaries

Garage Sales, Yard Sales, Moving Sales and Estate Sales. Call them what you may, but these are the arenas for the addictive suburban weekend sport of bargain hunting.

Garage Sale Diaries is an award-winning, unscripted lifestyle show that trails a pair of zany best buddies, Kelly & Renee, as they troll alleys, yards, and carports in search of that unbeatable deal. Whether it’s hitting upscale addresses in search of designer labels selling for a fraction of their retail prices, or finding a keen household deal that can stretch a dollar further, Kelly & Renee's hilarious antics prove that the thrill of the hunt is as good as the bargains themselves.

Kelly, a self proclaimed "yoga princess", is constantly on the lookout for bargain priced "lulu". Renee, her practical best friend has been known to pick up the occasional toiletry while cruising a sale.

Join the girls as they spend their weekends scouring others trash for their treasures all the while keeping each other in fits of laughter.

From Bargains to the bizarre

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